5 Fresh Formal Wear Picks For A Brand New Season

By Not So Typical Editor
5 Fresh Formal Wear Picks For A Brand New Season

Monsoon is right here, and we’d say that let it rain fashion! So when you step out in the rain and the cold breeze hits your face, your outfit should match that vibe.

After all it is indeed a little adventurous to skip potholes, balance your umbrella and reach work on time. So while you may have to handle the adventurous part of getting to work, we’re here with shirts that will slay and wardrobe picks to play with this upcoming season. 

Office wear can be a struggle to pick in monsoons as there are quite a lot of things that one cannot wear to office during this season. However fun it may sound to relish the rains, travelling in this season gets a bit tricky. 

Moreover, it is not really the most convenient for fashion lovers. But do not worry, because we’ve got you covered. Our “not so typical” apparel is here to make you look oh so impressive  and sail through this season. 

So without further ado, let’s check out 5 fresh formal attire picks for women, for the upcoming season: 

A comfortable fabric of choice

A comfortable fabric of choice

Rainy season brings a lot of dampness and humidity along with it. Any clothing with a comfortable fabric like cotton or an airy fit will serve you right. Also, the humidity of this season is bound to make you sweat. So you cannot go for silk or any skin-fitting fabric while stepping out, as these would be incredibly difficult to manage. 

A good and mindful fabric choice can make a lot of difference.  So if you ask us, cotton can be your go-to fabric of choice for this season. Also, fabrics that dry out easily and are lightweight are an amazing option for office wear in monsoons.

Our Black Ikat Sleeveless shirt is a very comfortable option. This shirt comes with cute red and white minimal prints on it and a collar that makes it chic yet bold. All in all, a perfect pick for this season.

Another great option for this season is our Pink All Over Print Shirt with Belt

This shirt is covered with subtle white prints and has a bohemian vibe to it, making it a must-have for your wardrobe this season. 

Solid colours and flair

Solid colours and flair

Strolling in the rain is not that fun if your trousers get wet. And muddy bottoms are quite irritating! 

Which is why you could consider wearing palazzos, midi skirts, wide-leg trousers and slim pants with a loose fit, or a cute dress. All of these are very convenient to carry in the monsoon. 

Speaking of which, add a dash of flair and a splash of bright colours this monsoon with our dresses and be the most bold, confident and expressive version of yourself.  More specifically, be your ambitious and determined self with our spectacular Green Balloon sleeve dress. It’s knee length, so that saves you from muddy potholes and puddles, and it comes in solid colours green and pink. 

Skirts for that chic look

Skirts for that chic look

Skirts take formal wear for women to a whole new level. Not only because they are so easy and comfortable to wear, but also because you can pair them up with a wide variety of tops. 

So if you ask us, we’d say that might as well bid adieu to denim pants for a while, as they would most likely get wet and make things rather uncomfortable for you. Meanwhile skirts are comfortable in all seasons, and cotton skirts are one of the best pieces of clothing you can have in your wardrobe during this season. 

The breathability and moisture-controlling properties of cotton make it a preferred option for all weathers but especially during humid months. You can also go for light silk, crepe, and rayon as they lose moisture relatively quickly and stay fresh for longer periods. Polyester and chambray are also amazing choices of fabric. 

So what are you waiting for then? Give comfort a whole new meaning this season and add this pinstripe, front overlap formal skirt to your monsoon collection. It features a dramatic cut that gives it a bold look and it goes really well with a high neck top.

Accessories to complete the look

Accessories to complete the look

A bright-coloured stole or a pop of colour with a handbag would look spectacular. Meanwhile you could also add a whole lot of glamour to your neckline by wearing cute, little, chic bowties or a necklace that goes well with the ensemble. 

To keep it formal yet classy, you could add on Twillies to your outfit or handbag. It looks fashionable and versatile, and our blue printed hem twilly is a perfect addition to any collar or handbag. It is sure to stand out and enhance the overall look of your outfit. 

So these were some fresh formal wear picks for women from our side for this season. We hope these were helpful in bringing in a fresh perspective for your monsoon collection. And while the torrential downpour, puddles and muddy streets are set to make dressing up a challenge the next few months, we’re sure you will slay it with your “not so typical” attitude! 

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