Clothes For a Cause - Being a Part of the Sustainable Fashion Movement

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Sustainable Fashion Movement

Did you know that the fashion industry keeps up with the demand for 80 billion new garments every year? These clothes do not even last a season when they are replaced by the next trend that comes around. Most of us search for an ‘NGO nearby me’ to try and help those around us, but as a brand or a fashion website, how do they step forward to help and communicate their ethical practices and social responsibilities?

At a time when the condition of natural resources is critical, Not So Pink steps forward to give back to society and also preserve the planet. 

Garment Reuse And Recycling Initiative

Garment Reuse And Recycling Initiative

Tons of textile remains are discarded every single day and it is a serious challenge to tackle the sheer volume of waste that the fast fashion industry as a whole produces. Not So Pink, through its garment reuse and recycling programme collects all fabric wastage and delivers it to the local artisans of Jeevika. When put to the right use, the waste fabric pieces turn into pretty handicrafts for your home, accessories or even toys for your children. This accelerates creative innovation and also generates employment and means of earning for the village community.

Proceeds Forwarded To NGO Mumbai

Proceeds Forwarded To NGO Mumbai

VASTRA is a credible NGO that does exceptional work towards animal welfare, betterment of education and healthcare, etc. With every piece of clothing bought from Not So Pink, 1% of the proceeds go towards the initiatives undertaken by this NGO. Not only do they adhere to this as a CSR activity but the online fashion portal considers it as an opportunity to do their bit as privileged citizens of this planet. 

So, when you shop more, you donate more.

Sustainable fashion is a major revolution and brands are continually taking steps to be a part of it as a means of contributing to India corporate social responsibility. With philanthropic help and volunteers, they run an all-purpose-driven business model that contributes to the environment along with the global community as a whole. You can make your purchases online for the trendiest clothes and be a small part of this large initiative. 

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