Makeup Tips To Slay At The Workplace

By Not So Typical Editor
Makeup Tips To Slay At The Workplace

Work is not all about just doing your job. It’s also about presenting yourself in a professional manner. Confidence also plays a major role for your body language. And if you look good, you automatically feel a little more confident. Don’t you agree? However, it is not just about clothes. It’s a complete package from head-to-toe! Right from your hair, makeup, outfit, accessories and footwear, if you nail it all, there is no stopping you! But makeup is a little tricky isn’t it? 

Here are a few tips that will help you slay at your workplace:-

Before you begin with your makeup, it’s crucial to cleanse your face. Wash your face with the face wash that suits your skin and pat dry it. Makeup on dry skin is an absolute no-no, so hydrate your skin with a moisturiser or a gel. 

Coming to the makeup, it is important to understand your audience. Your workplace might be a creative place or a highly formal/professional place. Your makeup will depend on the vibe of your workplace. Nonetheless, don’t go for a heavy look that you would wear for the night for any function or club! 

Always go for a neutral and natural look! That should be your key. After moisturising your face, use a concealer if required. You can also use a BB cream/an extremely light foundation for a base. 

For your eyes, wear a kajal for your eye line, but a simple one and not a smoky eye effect. You can also apply a warm colour of eyeshadow as that is soothing and versatile. 

For your lips, you can go for any colour that goes well with your outfit. Nude shades are always preferable, but if you like bold colours, you can definitely wear it; but make sure it is not glossy and shimmery. The only catch with lipsticks is that it requires touch ups. Alternatively, you can also use lip tints. 

The golden rule for western workwear is that it needs to be quick, simple and subtle because one doesn’t have all day to get ready for work. Also, only buy products that suit your skin and at the end of the day, remove your makeup completely with a makeup remover. 

Bonus tip: Carry a mini makeup pouch to refresh your makeup in the afternoon. If you need a quick fresh feel, add a face mist in your kit and you can spray it whenever you need to feel refreshed. 

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