Professional dressing tips to ensure people take you seriously

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Professional Dressing Tips For Women

From posture to position and appearance to attire, there are a lot of factors that work towards how people in the workplace perceive us. Especially, a lot of subconscious impressions are formed on the basis of the way we dress.

From selecting the right fit with stylish collars to picking powerful colours, statement accessories and silhouettes to don, there are various ways to dress and impress.  

Here are some tips from the fashion experts at Not So Pink to help you build a better impression of your competence and trustworthiness at the office.

Professional Dressing Tips To Ensure Undivided Attention

1. Look For The Perfect Fit

Look For The Perfect Fit

Ill-fitted clothes give an impression of lethargy. It showcases that you have not made enough effort to work on your wardrobe and immediately makes you look unimportant. A perfectly fitted attire accentuates all of your fine features and the message of power will be clear.

2. Pick The Right Shoes

Pick The Right Shoes

Shoes can make or break an attire. Slipping your foot in a lush shoe is a big part of conducting serious business. It is an important element in fabricating an apt professional look. Be responsible for its upkeep and keep them polished. The right shoes elevate body posture and elicit professional seriousness.  

3. Pay Attention To Your Bag

Pay Attention To Your Bag

Your bag must make an impact. Choose one that is fashionable, functional and professional. a trendy satchel or a leather tote makes one look dapper and classy. It reigns supremacy if the quality, utility and craftsmanship are up to the mark. A professional bag is a timeless addition to any working woman’s wardrobe who wants to emit power.

4. Don't Over-Accessorise

Don't Over-Accessorise

Your presence should make the noise and not your jewellery. A pro-tip is to invest in a detachable collar which is a great accessory to look serious and professional. 

5. Wear Rich Colours To Portray Authority

Wear Rich Colours To Portray Authority

Colours have the power to eliminate all reasons that people may have for being dismissive. Don chic, rich hues and avoid clothes that are too flashy. It can be distracting and people around may not want to trust you with serious work. 

Power-dressing could be both. You could wear something that is authentic to yourself and helps you feel naturally empowered and confident in the workplace. Or you could opt for sharper clothing that exudes authority and strength.

You can find all kinds of styles here on Not So Pink’s website that will help you be comfortable in your skin, for it is the most important thing that will help you boost your credibility in the workplace.

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