The Transformation From Dull To Vibrant Western Workwear

By Not So Typical Editor
Vibrant Western Workwear

Back in the day, the workplace was dominated by men. But slowly, women wanted to be more than a daughter, housewife, mother and daughter-in-law. She knew she was capable of achieving a lot more and making her own mark in the world. And slowly women did enter workplaces. But with the patriarchy, women were expected to dress like men at work by wearing shirts and pants. Monochromes and blues were the colours that prevailed back then. 

Soon, women realised that they aren’t here to clone men, especially in fashion. From dull shirts and pants to classy vibrant western wear, women’s workwear has taken a 180-degree flip! Today women wear pencil skirts, smart tops, formal dresses, and some workplaces that are more casual, then there are an array of different choices for them. Workwear trousers for women have also changed over the years. Today it is more in vogue. 

Today’s women love culture and tradition and yet are modern. They are aware that India is known for its fabric, prints and colours. So, designers today have found the perfect mix of contemporary yet modern. Today the workwear for women range from beautiful paisley print dresses, solid colours, neon hues, abstract prints and more. Each one of them has found their style and it is no more dull and boring. It’s vibrant and expressive! 

A woman’s style of dressing also speaks bounds about her personality. And by dressing well, women feel more confident at their workplace which is extremely important. It’s not just the dressing that’s changed, women today carry oversized tote bags and wear bold coloured lipsticks! Women today are fearless, expressive, and they know their worth and they confidently show that their body language and ensemble plays an extremely important role in it. 

A significant change in the shift from dull to vibrant is also that fashion is ever-evolving and we are highly influenced by western culture as well. So any fashion change that happens in western countries, India adapts it as quickly as possible. Earlier one could only find monochrome shades in a workwear wardrobe, but today you can find different Pantone shades in the closet. But don’t we love it? 

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By Not Pink Editior

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