Tips for Women To Ensure They Are Not The Victims Of Gender Discrimination

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Tips for Women To Ensure They Are Not The Victims Of Gender Discrimination

The subject surrounding gender inequality in the workplace is hard to avoid. Even in the more progressive countries, women still face gender bias in one way or the other. From promotions and positions to remuneration and opportunities, in most corporate scenarios gender gap does exist. Belittling behaviour against women in the workplace must be fought against and we must refuse to buy into chauvinistic attitudes.  

Misogyny has many faces and women must stand up for themselves by adopting a zero-tolerance attitude towards it. How do we do that? Not So Pink has listed down some tips to ensure you are not a victim of gender discrimination at work.

1. Be Confident and Comfortable With Having Success

Be Confident and Comfortable With Having Success

How many times have you caught yourself shying away and staying low-key about your success? Women have a high propensity to doubt their abilities. We often downplay our achievements, more so in the presence of others. It is important to acknowledge the role you played in your accomplishments rather than put yourself down before others can. Learn to accept praise gracefully, practice humble confidence and do not be reluctant from self-publicity. When you love and appreciate yourself, the rest will have to follow.

2. Good Enough Is Not Good Enough

Good Enough Is Not Good Enough

Most times career blocks are self-imposed. We as women feel that we deserve success up to a certain limitation and that is good enough for a female. However, these limiting beliefs are mostly system-based. It is a norm fit into our minds that a certain level of success when achieved, the lady can retire and look after her home whereas, for men, the sky is the limit. Remember to keep setting higher standards for yourself and let no one tell you to call it quits until you decide that for yourself. Do not tune down your own ambitions because you are worried about being called aggressive. 

3. Ask For What You Want

Ask For What You Want

One of the main obstacles to eliminating prejudice is that there is difficulty recognizing that it really exists. And for most of them, they need to be told and made to notice that knowingly or unknowingly they are creating or supporting a gender bias. Not everything will be handed on a platter to you. Voice your opinion and demand what you deserve. Take the front seat in meetings and most importantly, even if you are interrupted, finish what you are saying. Break the silence sound barrier because the only way to diminish gender discrimination in the workplace is by being unapologetically vocal about your own thoughts and needs.

4. Dress Powerfully

Dress Powerfully

Fashion formals for women have taken a whole new turn ever since power-dressing came into play. Women dressing up in suits like the men do is an important step for promoting gender equality at work. It is about walking into the boardroom and knowing that you belong there. It reflects that one holds a significant position and exudes confidence in the workplace. Power dressing creates an everlasting impression and conveys authority in its own way. Not So Pink also has a range of office wear for women designed to make women stand tall and look powerful while retaining feminine charm and comfort. 

Pro tip from Not So Pink: Opt for powerful fashion formals such as pant suits, blazers, hourglass dresses, collared shirts and well fitted trousers that bring you comfort with confidence. These formal outfits for women strongly resonate in the boardroom and speak for your authority.

5. Do Not Entertain Sexist Jokes

Do Not Entertain Sexist Jokes

The easiest way for people to make snide comments and get away from it is by hiding behind the amour of humour. Do not entertain talks that ridicule, demean or humiliate women even in the form of a joke. Pay close attention to actions, words and phrases that may water down your authority or diminish your importance. Do not be immune to bigoted comments and make sure you strongly turn them down. Trim any debilitating feelings and promote positivity and encouraging behaviours around you. 

6. Do Not Be Afraid To Say No

Do Not Be Afraid To Say No

Women are naturally handed over tasks that are very ‘lady-like’. From decorating at office parties to designing presentations and so on, women are automatically appointed as doers for these jobs. It is time to change that and start learning to say no. If you are given a duty, make sure the male subordinates are also on your team and divide the duties between all equally. Overcome the fear of offending people and put yourself first. Tell yourself that you are saying not to the asker but to the ask. 

7. Lift Up Other Women At Work

Lift Up Other Women At Work

What is better than fighting gender equality at work? Fighting it with other women counterparts.  To make a big effect in the pursuit of gender equality, unity is of utmost importance. More voices tackling a particular issue are more likely to be heard and resolved. Remember, there is strength in numbers. It is also important to support women in more senior roles. There is an urgent need to reverse the stereotype that women do not support other women to succeed. When you bond and grow together, you can easily level the playing field and go further faster.

In recent years, women have fought harder than ever for their right to be treated as equal to their male counterparts. And while it may seem daunting but the world is getting more and more aware of the need to fight gender inequality. And as women, we must fight our own battles and educate as many people to join in and diminish inequality on basis of gender. The benefits of equal rights must be enjoyed by all ladies from all walks of life.

Another pro tip to feeling empowered and happy is by being dressed in presentable and yet comfortable clothing. Not So Pink showcases handpicked designs that help you reflect the power within you. The range of elegant formal outfits for women lets you make a powerful statement and helps you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your male counterparts. Get shopping for fashion formals now and pave the way to a work environment that is free of any kind of bias and discrimination. 

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