Why Women Today Prefer Western Workwear That’s Vibrant & Eccentric

By Not So Typical Editor
Vibrant & Eccentric Workwear For Women

Workwear is instantly associated with monochrome, simple solids and neutral colours. Earlier the workplace was dominated by men and once women joined the workplace, the workwear was cloned. But today’s women have changed that outlook. An outfit for them is more than just an outfit. It is a reflection of their personality and women today dress to express rather than impress! 

Here’s why women today prefer western workwear that’s vibrant and eccentric. 

1. Versatility 


Fashion trends are changing rapidly. Workwear for women is not just a 9 to 5 outfit anymore. They want to effortlessly switch from a 9 am meeting at work to a 9 pm cocktail hour with friends without making any changes. Western workwear need not be simple anymore. A colourful outfit or even a neutral one with a pop of colour completes their playful yet powerful look. Not So Pink has a beautiful yet versatile range of dresses for your 9 am to 9 pm, ‘boardroom to bar’ look. 

2. Showcases Personality 

Showcases PersonalityWomen’s style of clothing speaks volumes about their personalities. As mentioned earlier, today’s women dress to express and not only to impress, and if impressing someone was the only goal, then she would impress herself. One of the most talked-about Netflix shows “The Bold Type” has beautifully captured vibrant and eccentric western workwear in every episode that ties with every character. Jane Sloan has a simple style but yet had a statement to it and it captured that she is approachable yet opinionated and strong. Kat Edison’s outfits were bold, edgy and vibrant which fuels her soul and spells fearless and always ready to take on the world. Sutton Brady’s style is timeless and sophisticated which brings out her graceful feminine side with a hint of eternal beauty that is always ready for anything.

3. Expression of Choice 

Expression of Choice

The shift from “uniform” workwear to vibrant and eccentric workwear is a conscious step women have taken. Women’s western workwear today is an expression of choice. It’s their choice to look stylish, comfortable and feel confident when they walk into a room. Depending on their mood for the day, they can switch from power dressing for the important board meeting, to a comfortable outfit for a casual Friday. They do not want to be bound to the bookish rules of womenswear at work. Women feel more confident and powerful when they dress to express themselves. 

4. Brightens Up the Dreary Workday

Brightens Up the Dreary Workday

Everyone has those dreary workdays. While women can’t control how the day pans out,  the choice of clothing can definitely influence how she feels. It sometimes doesn’t define the person, but it can definitely give her the much-needed confidence and extra boost to brighten up a dreary day. Vibrant western wear on a dreary day feels like the first cup of coffee you need to kickstart your day. Not So Pink has an entire collection for just this day.  

If you’re looking for fashionable western workwear, that’s Not So Typical and lets you express your personality, you can check out www.notsopink.in. And we bet you will find a perfect match. 

By Not Pink Editior

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