Detachable Collars - An Ideal Boardroom Accessory

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Detachable Collars

From the boardroom to Zoom meetings, the way we do business took a 180-degree turn during the pandemic. This directly affected the way we dressed, don’t you agree? We started focussing more on fashion from chest-up. And one such fashion trend that’s gained popularity is the detachable collar and we say it is here to stay. 

1. When Comfort Meets Style

When Comfort Meets Style

Home is where you are most comfortable. You might be wearing a pullover or a tee or a t-shirt dress, but you have to jump on to a sudden Zoom and wish to stay comfortable along with looking professional. What if we tell you we have a trick up our sleeve for just that moment? A detachable collar! Not So Pink has a perfect stylish collar for women that’s best suited for such scenarios. Check out our Blue Detachable Dual Collar that’s suitable for all body types and all work days. 

2. Create A Statement Look

Create A Statement Look

When you cannot think of what to wear to work, you reach out to classics - a white shirt paired with a skirt or trousers. That’s a combination one can never go wrong with. But what if we say you can add a whimsical touch to this look? Because there is no such thing as ‘too dramatic’ when it comes to women’s clothing. Add the White Neck Tie Shirt from Not So Pink’s Simplicity collection to your cart that’s perfect for everyday workwear and add the dramatic quotient with our Black Box Pleat Front Tie Collar for the Town Hall meeting. 

3. Elevate Your Classics

Elevate Your Classics

A black dress is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. But have you thought of accessorising it differently to give it a distinct look? We aren’t talking about jewellery, a scarf or a jacket but a detachable collar that would give it a new look! A simple yet stylish collar for women will make your black dress shine. Don’t own a black dress? Check out the Black Solid Flare Sleeve Dress from Not So Pink’s Simplicity collection suited for all body types. And we have a perfect accessory to take the style quotient up a notch - the White Detachable Dual Collar. This will give your dress a look that’s as good as new.  

4. A Playful Infusion

A Playful Infusion

Infuse your wardrobe with a touch of playfulness by adding detachable collars to your collection. But did you know stylish collars for women also come in reversible form? That makes it not just practical, but also affordable with twice the playfulness. Check out the Green Reversible Pleated Collar from Not So Pink. This collar goes perfectly with our White Lace Sleeve Dress. The beauty of this detachable collar is that it is a reversible pleated collar, which means one accessory with two ways to style it. 

Check out the entire range of stylish collars for women at  Not So Pink. Take your pick, add to your cart and tag us on social media because we would love to see how you have styled these. 

By Not Pink Editior

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